Word Cloud

Word Cloud is a tool to create a word cloud online from your text and download the resulting image for free.


1984, George Orwell, 1st chapter
Word cloud for 1984 by George Orwell
Paris travel guide
Word cloud for Paris travel guide
Eugene Onegin, A. Pushkin, 1st chapter
Word cloud for Eugene Onegin
A Legend of Confucius
Word cloud for A Legend of Confucius


A word cloud or tag cloud is a visual representation of text data, commonly used to display key terms or tags on a website or to visualize the content of a large text. Words or phrases are arranged in a random order, and their size typically corresponds to their frequency of occurrence in the text. The more frequently a specific word appears, the larger it will be in the word cloud.

Word clouds help to quickly identify the most important and relevant terms in a text, making them useful for keyword analysis in marketing, research, education, and data presentation. For example, they can be used to analyze articles or blogs, customer reviews, and to create expressive visualizations when presenting survey results.

Word clouds may also contain various colors and fonts for better visualization and to draw attention to certain words, and they can be created in different shapes and styles.

Our service allows you to generate word clouds based on arbitrary text, where words are converted to their base form (lemmatized) in order to avoid repetitions. Generation parameters enable changing the color scheme, font, and angle of the text tilt. The resulting images can be downloaded for free in PNG format.


The minimalistic service and the only one I’ve analyzed that lemmatizes words to the initial grammatical form! Simple interface, good ready-made styles. Also, the algorithm places the most frequent words closer to the center of the cloud, that is, the visual focus is on the frequent vocabulary. Of the minuses: there is not a large selection of cloud shapes.
A service that allowed me to quickly build a pretty word cloud with little effort.
Этот сервис умнее всего анализирует текст: он позволяет создать облако частотных слов текста, при этом приводя все слова к начальной форме. Это значит, вы не получите, например, в облаке кот, коту, кота и т.д., а посчитаются сразу все формы слова кот. Полученный набор слов можно настроить, например, убрать фамилии или цифры. Красивые цветовые палитры, минимум функций, отсутствие регистрации. Кроме русского поддерживаются другие языки. Главный минус — отсутствие более сложных форм облака.